God Grew Tired Of Us #4

I was impressed by the steady progress that John has made in the U.S so far. John seemed to have been culture shocked. However, he eventually began to understand the culture and customs in the United States as he takes on new jobs, buys a car, and he gets involved into the community I fell like John has had a better start than most people do right out of college. John says, “Which America, bright or dark, is the truer one? Will America be governed by its principles of loving and helping one another, or by its moments of suspicion and cynicism” (230). I like John’s skepticism because it shows that he is curious about his new country and he wants to be involved as an American.

John was working at St. Joseph’s Hospital. He asked a woman very politely to remove her vehicle, and she responded with a hate-filled remark. “’Who are you?’ she shouted. ‘Go back to your f**king country! This is America, and you cannot tell me what to do!’” (228). This comment made me realize how selfish and self-centered Americans can be. John also makes another statement stood out to me in the same regard. I found this statement to describe America greatly. Something that I noticed while reading the reactions of John to the American life was that everything in America is magical to foreigners. John is full of wonder when he comes to this country because of the wonderful things America has to offer. I believe that Americans take for granted too much and need to realize how much better we have it than other countries in the world.

After reading this memoir, John Dau has helped me learn some great life lessons, the biggest lessons that I have learned is that nothing is impossible, that is, only when you set your mind to it. John overcame more hardships and obstacles in his life than I have faced with my family issues. Even when he felt that he was on death row, he pushed towards his goals. The manner that John acted was amazing. Now when ever I am in a rough situation, I know to keep working towards my dreams. Nothing can stop me if I persistently try. 



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