God grew Tired Of Us #2

I was extremely surprised by the way the refugs in Kakuma responded to the Kenyans’ comments.   When the Kenyans robbed the refugs, the refugs were the same way to the Kenyans. For example, one of John Dau’s friends tried to sell a rooster in town. When the Kenyan police saw him, they took the rooster and told him that it was illegal to sell the national symbol of Kenya.  The sad thing is that Sudanese refuges couldn’t do a thing about the problem with the Kenyan’s.  Despite the ridicule, they  kept their same attitude. “My group made sure to keep its Dinka ways. Like every other group, we maintained the nightly tradition of synagogue.” (151).  John Dau never lost his faith no matter what happened.

I feel that I could not relate to much but I noticed he said something that caught my attention: “The camp had not electricity, no latrines, no running water, none of the things that make life easier for the thousands of refugees who began scattering across the site.”(128). This caught my attention because these are all things that we live with out these things but in a new country, and in the desert.  Until the UN dug the well, they had no usable water that they could get when needed.  They still had to wait for the UN to bring them water in the cars.  This is so hard for me to grasp.  I am not sure how life would be without any of these.  I realize that as an American, I am spoiled to have running water and electricity but it still astonishes me that people live with it them all over the world.

John’s reaction to the simple appliances in the apartment really made laugh.  “They took us around the apartment, flipping light switches to demonstrate how to turn on lamps, opening the oven and twisting knobs to show us how to cook without fire, and taking us into the bathroom to twist the knobs in the shower.  Water from overhead- delightful!”  (191). The sad thing is that millions of people have never seen technology. We, as Americans, live in a free country and have so many privileges are very blessed.  We have strong homes and unlimited information and I am blessed with such great living conditions.


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