Research Reflections Blog Posts 1

Well surprisingly, when I went to go try and search my topic on Galileo it gave me the response, “No Search Results Found.”  This confused me greatly because it is supposedly a major research database.  I was greatly unsatisfied because I found nothing after trying to re word my search twice then found reputable sources off

During my research, I found a page on my topic.  I did as the modejules suggested, searching the author’s name, and it came back as a well-respected news journalist that used many other seemingly reputable web sources.  Then I used Evernote to save the page (hoping that it will work for once with me) and kept searching.

I personally think that we are given too much time in class to research our topic.  I am used to classes that give such a small amount of time to get our work done.  Therefore, I honestly have extra time during the class which I either read or finish other class work which I love.  I believe that it might just be my topic’s popularity that makes the research so easy to complete but I appreciate it.


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