God Grew Tired Of Us Response 2


  The struggles faced at the beginning of my readings of our section shocked me. I feel lucky to live in a country that has so much to offer and doesn’t let people live in such terrible circumstances. Yet I can relate to that when I was younger I got lost on a camping trip for two days near a small stream and such… I had food where as the boys didn’t until they came across the swamp. I was relieved when they left.

  I thought that when the boys came across the UN camp that there would be a turn for the worse. Usually you hear of violence in the camps but it seemed to be rather calm in the camp. Often you hear of how the camps there are riots and people try to kill the people who help them. The boys seems so grateful and welcoming to the offered necessities.

  When the boys were learning to read, write and etc… They were very confused at first due to their age and mind development. It is a problem with the brain that the older it grows that the slower it retains knowledge. The boys by the end of their lessons will have to try much harder than us (in America). The fact is common in Africa that students learn at a much slower rate and retail less.


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