God Grew Tired of us Response 1

In my reading I found great topics that I wish to talk about. There is the matter of the diet mentioned in the book, the build of the people  and the sexism I discovered.

I believe that in this book the diet of the people is very different from American’s diet. One of the major differences I noticed was that they seem to refuse to eat the meat of the cow where as they will drink the milk. I think that is these people were such  major cow herders that at some point they must have eaten the meat of the animal. It is different in America because we often will try to eat any animal that we find pleasing even if some are illegal people will break the laws of the land just to eat it.

In the book it details the people in the tribe as tall and well built people. It also mentions that they were hardworking wrestlers. Yet in one of the photos shown in the book it said that one man was one of their tribe’s best wrestlers but it showed him being a man who was as skinny as all get out.. I did not understand how their wrestlers were so small in stature which is the opposite to American wrestlers.

The last topic I wish to mention is the sexism expressed via the book  in their civilization. It mentions that if a man is murdered that killer must give about 100 cattle to the wife or husband but if it is a woman killed the killer must give about half as much. It is also a sexist society in that a man can have multiple wives and that they can around 16 children. In a quote the book says “Then the men choose a woman to accompany them.” This is spoken in terms that a man would choose a woman to take with them on the cattle herding as if they had to choice.


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