Reading Reflections #1

  My group of Trey, Jonathan and I read to page 100 in the book and I like the book so far. It deals with a great deal of the problems that we hear about in the news, Involved an old godly man moving into a city similar to N.Y.C, theft and poverty.

  When the old man goes to the city he hears about gangs, prostitution and death. Occurences that are all to common in out world and some that we can all relate to. Shocking concept he has more than likely never heard about. Due to the poor state south africa is in at this time he had to take money he had saved for three different categories and take it with him. Sothe only news that people would receive out from the city were letters which at the took at least a week and weren’t often used.

  The poverty rates in this book seemed greatly accurate to the depression that we all face right now. In the book  a young man approached the pastor, guides him then at the bus stop says, “-You must stand in line, umfundisi. Have you your money for the ticket?” He then hands the boy 1 pound and the boy runs away. Moments pass then he talks to a man, “-Where is the ticket office, my friend? -What ticket office, umfundisi? For the ticket for the bus. – There is no ticket office. You get your ticket on the bus.” The old man was tricked out of 1 dollar. Life in the city has become so bad that a boy had to trick an old man out of money.

  All in all I greatly like this book and cant wait to discuss it with my group.


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